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We manage, rent, renovate, design & decorate properties in Puerto Morelos

Puerto Morelos is a small fishing village 15 minutes south of the Cancun airport. Experience the old Mexico charm of Puerto Morelos, which has one of the most stunning white-sand beaches in the Riveria Maya, with easy access to the finest attractions this warm-weather haven has to offer.

Some words from our property owners

Joy H.
JJ Property Management has been a Godsend for us. We have had numerous issues with our house, and the manager has been on top of every single one.
Mike C.
Jodi at JJ Property Management is the type of person who you know will get the job done. She has been very reliable, helpful and quick to answer any questions that come up.
Richard H.
I highly recommend this business. From decorating our home to caring for our property, Jodi was on top of everything. She will care for your property like it's her own.
Suzanne B.
Jodi has been amazing to work with on finishing my new home. She can handle anything from getting utilities set up, fully furnishing your home, or any level of detail that you need in between.
Nancy C.
Jodi did an awesome job on our place, we couldn't be happier! Mind you, we (Eric) are not the easiest people to work with! Patience is not our thing but Jodi took us in stride and everything was perfect when we arrived!! Thank you Jodi Jensen!
Elaina B.
Talk about PEACE OF MIND! You don't need to worry when Jodi's got your back. She makes your vacation home worry free and that's invaluable.
Heather S.
We hired Jodi to manage our condo at Selva Escondida and she has done an amazing job!!! She handled the build out for us and it turned out exactly like we wanted. We were worried being so far away but she handles everything from start to finish!!!
Robert H.
If you are purchasing a home in Mexico for the first time you will have a million questions and will not know where to start. My wife and I purchased an unfinished condo in Puerto Morelos last year and I was lost. After meeting with Jodi, we quickly realized that we had found our property manager and general contractor all in one.

Trusted by Property Owners & Guests

Buying property in another country is a big step. Let me help take the pressure off you and put your mind at ease knowing that I am caring for your home while you are away.

I will care for your home as if it were mine” ~Jodi Jensen, Owner

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Frequently Asked Questions

While taxis are readily available upon exiting the airport, we have found private transportation to be the most affordable and reliable.  Please contact us for a list of preferred providers.

If you are staying port side then most everything is within walking distance.   

If you stay on the Colonia side then the beach, stores and restaurants are not within walking distance so you could rent a car for convenience; or you can use the collectivos, taxis or rent bikes as well. If you are interested in renting a car please reach out to Ron Haugen on What’s App at +52 984-233-8610.

Puerto Morelos is tourist friendly and very safe.  You will be comfortable walking the streets at any time day or night.  Be aware the risk of petty theft does exist here as it does anywhere.   You should be watchful and not leave your valuables unattended or unsecured.

Pesos is the preferred currency.  While many places accept US dollars you will receive a better exchange rate using pesos.   There are many money exchange places in Puerto Morelos to exchange US dollars for pesos.  You can also use ATM’s in Puerto Morelos to withdraw cash in pesos.   We can provide you with a list of safe and preferred machines to use.  Yes, credit cards are accepted at most restaurants and the grocery stores.  Be sure to notify your bank or credit card company that you are traveling to Mexico.

Year round most days are sunny with temps in the 80’s..   When we do get rain it usually rains hard for a few minutes then moves out.  January and February can bring cool nights so plan accordingly.   July & August is when we experience the most heat with high humidity.